GCL (Hanoi) organizes Ha Long tourism summer 2023

On 11, 12/08/2023 GCL (Hanoi) had an interesting trip to Ha Long, the company's employees participated enthusiastically and excitedly

Members of GCL (Hanoi) take a commemorative photo in Ha Long
Since ancient times, Ha Long Bay has been appreciated by cultural celebrity Nguyen Trai as a wonder of the land built in the sky. Speaking of Ha Long Bay, first of all, we have to talk about the fairy beauty of the mountains and the sky here.
Prepare lunch on Halong cruise
GCL (Hanoi) organizes this trip to bring employees together, create a happy atmosphere among everyone, help people relax after a period of work. In addition, GCL (Hanoi) can be brought to everyone.
Mr. Michael Yu and all GCL (Hanoi) staff
The trip went well, before the wonderful beauty of Ha Long, everyone must love it. Finally, thank you to GCL (Hanoi) for giving employees a very useful and enjoyable trip. Hope to see you here again soon.